The Surface Beneath

“Amazing . . . It is like you are watching a high quality Hollywood action movie in your head.”

—Amazon customer

“For a ‘newbie’ in the field of writing fiction about rogues disguised as government agents, the author does a good job here. The action starts quickly and is sustained throughout the book. The dialogue is believable, as are the various jams the good guy gets into while looking for answers to a series of questions, beginning with who’s trying to kill him?”

—Amazon customer

Ordainment Betrayal

“Quiles keeps the pace of his story moving at relatively breakneck speed. The plot has various twists and turns that have you guessing for a bit, but the author does a good job of keeping readers longing for the ultimate reckoning and hopefully exceedingly painful retribution that Steele will unload on the villains.”

—Pacific Book Review

“If you can stomach it, Ordainment Betrayal is a suspenseful thriller that explores dark secrets and twisted desires.”

—US Book Review

Games of Mind

“The action is tense and the stakes are high, giving Jack ample space to perform daring heroics.”

—Clarion Review

“Though the device by now feels dates, it leads to a more au courant controversy that—without spoiling the surprise—plays out as an over-the-top nightmare.”

—Kirkus Reviews